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Muldeparadies (River Mulde Paradise)
With the construction of the "Muldeparadies" on top of the tunnel of the federal road B 93 a new and unique leisure and experience area is being generated in Zwickau. 

The enticing location between the city centre and the course of the river Mulde offers miscellaneous possibilities for the creation of exceptional spaces for walking, relaxing, playing and enjoying. Many new ways provide the connection between the Old Town featuring museums, culture, shopping and services and the Muldeparadies.

Future park elements:
• castle moat walk - a historical circular green area at the Osterstein castle
• castle mill square - an attractive place for rest not far from the former location of the castle mill
• play and fairground - spacious area to relax, play and party
• thematic garden "Farbenrausch" (colour trip) - colourful perennial herb beds as a homage to Max Pechstein, a painter and graphic artist born in Zwickau
• wallgarden- reminiscence of the former city fortification including Pulverturm und relics of the city wall
• river stage /river bath - site and stair complex relating to the former bath garden
• playgrounds- 'Knöpfchen' (“button”) for the youngest children up to six years and 'Nadelöhr' (“needle eye”) for children up to 12 years
• circular promenade - a chestnut avenue along the former city fortification
• river walk (Mulde) - a part of the supra-regional Mulde valley bicycle path
• square at the „Tränktor“ (water gate) – site directly in the east of the former “Tränktor”

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