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Park "Neue Welt"
The 2.8 concert park „Neue Welt“of 2.8 ha which is under historical preservation, came into being from 1901 to 1903 as an element of an ensemble of ball room, fairground and park. The area is located in the urban district Pölbitz between the concert house and ballroom “Neue Welt” at the Leipziger Straße and the Muldental bicycle path.

The park was designed as an outside section to the ballroom Neue Welt, the biggest terrace room of West Saxony with a capacity of up to 3,000 guests. It depicts a typical concert park of the turn of the century, consisting of an acoustic shell with adjacent patio and a lush embellished park centre

Although the creator of the park cannot be named for sure, the initiative and the planning can be mainly attributed to the owner of the Neue Welt, Richard Harzer. The garden was strictly symmetrically designed and a grotto, a fountain, a vivarium and artificial rocks were arranged.
Furthermore, a rosarium, an alpinum complex and a dahlia plantation were developed. A deliberate choice of colourful leaf species was chosen for the grove plantation. The artistic scope is particularly emphasized by the erection of numerous garden sculptures, made by the sculptor Rudolph Mosebach born in Zwickau in 1860.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the garden decayed. With the changeover of possession to the town of Zwickau, the decision of maintaining was made. From 1982 to 1985 an extensive reconstruction of the park took place. But a regeneration of the entire environment was not possible any more. In addition to the historic park shaft including the fountain (Amor with swan), the extension in a northward and southward direction was newly created. Fragmented garden areas, a heather garden and a rosarium, border a fairground off from the long-standing middle of the park. By maintaining the “Nymphe” (nymph) located in the historic part of the park and the four muses (at the main entrance), the artistic vibrancy of the park could be restored. A road system of a total length of 1.4 kilometres invites visitors to discover the variety of dendrology in the park.

The eastern completion is the Muldenpromenade (element of the supra-regional bicycle path Muldental) bordered by a long-standing avenue of lime-trees directly at the western bank of the Mulde Zwickau.

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