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Tourist Information Centre Zwickau
We provide all important touristic service features and information as packages, accommodation bureau, ticketing, guided tours & souvenirs. With pleasure we would arrange individual guided tours and programmes for one or more days. We are looking forward to your visit!

Join our guided tours, taking place every saturday at 10:30 o'clock. Experience the historical city centre and learn interesting and legendary facts about our history (price p. person € 5.00) or make use of one of our thematic tours. We would be pleased to arrange a programme meeting all participants' needs.

Kultour Z. GmbH
Tourist Information Zwickau
Hauptstraße 6
D-08056 Zwickau

Phone: +49(0)375-2713-240, Fax: -249
Business hours: Mo–Fr 9–18.00, Sa 9–16 o’clock

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