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Distance Sleeve at the upper gate
Zwickau had 4 city gates, one distance sleeve was placed at each gate. The pillars were situated at the “Tränktor” (direction Dresden), “Obertor” (direction Schneeberg), at the “Frauentor” (direction Reichenbach) and at the “Niedertor” (direction Leipzig). All those distance sleeves had been erected in 1725 and had inscriptions on two sides, as well as the numer 1725 and a posthorn. 

At the "Obertor" the distance sleeve was newly errected in 2002 by a sculptor with the support of the research group “Kursächsische Postmeilensäulen e.V.” and revealed to the public on 2nd November 2002 at the tram stop “Zentrum”. The height of this distance sleeve, which is made of seven components, amounts to 4.85 meters and testifies the reactivation of a nice method of distance information.

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