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The Schlobig Park
The Schlobigpark is located in the northern part of the town close to the river Mulde. Initially this was the park belonging to the town hospital. Right in the vicinity the private swimming bath and sanatorium of Dr. Schlobig was erected. The imposing historic Johannisbad area today still testifies of Dr.Schlöbing’s work. After the final abandonment of the clinic and the gradual demolishing of the old building fabric, plans emerged to transform the former sanatorium park into a public park area.

In the bounds of the EU founding programme URBAN a complete new construction of the public park took place from 1996 until the summer of 1999. The even ground got a mild soil modelling and a spatial structuring, taking into account the old tree population. New accesses develop over a net of slightly undulated ways in the park area and lead the visitor to the Muldenpromenade, which is simultaneously a component of the Muldental bicycle path.

The park allows a four-season utilization. Special offers for children are a playground in the north-western park area and an all-weather playing field. Two cast-bronze giant tortoises invite to stay at the playground. The change of pastures to grove populations as well as shrubs and grass cultivations let arise interesting visual connections. An artificial brook valley for the infiltration of rain water, traversed by a little bridge, always is an attractive view. Tactile and scent beds enable especially visually impaired people to percept aroma and spice plants.

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