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04-bath Zwickau
The most beautiful bathtub of western Saxony

This open air bath was opened in 1927 as the bath house of the Club “Schwimmverein Zwickau 1904”. Since 2006 the bath house is led under the administration of “Förderverein 04-Bad e.V.”.

The 04-open air bath offers various attractions for all age groups. One can find an expanse of water of 3000 m2, different water slides and diving platforms, including a tower with the height of 10 m. You can play beach volleyball, football, table tennis, basketball and handball on the new built beach-handball-ground (reservation).
There is always the possibility of earning swimming awards. Of course there are special agreements for sport groups, schools, kindergartens and clubs (reservation).

Angerstraße 1
08058 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)375 - 293280

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