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Swan Pond Park
The park at the swan pond is the oldest garden complex in Zwickau. The foundation for the complex of initially five ponds was laid in 1473 at the initiative of two aldermen and employers of a mining, Martin Römer and Hans Federangel.

The plans for the design of the park including the big pond as focus were made at the middle of the 19th century by the major landscape architect Carl Eduard A. Petzold. In its original shape and utilization the swan pond park is an example of the garden art of the 19th century and combines all features of a town park in its time of origin. The swans indigenous on the pond since 1850 eventually established today’s name of the park.

In the 1950’s the complex got its present-day park character. Multifaceted possibilities of sports and games are offered by vast open areas, a gondola station and a play castle at the Melzer meadow. Furthermore, many associations use this area. The extensive path system enables relaxing walks including interesting views on the vast water area of the swan pond and the varied park areas.

Boat station

From the beginning of May to the end of August more than 20 rowing boats, 9 seacycles, pedal boats in a swan shape and a solar boat of the university of Zwickau are usable by all interested parties. From the beginning of September to the end of the season, at the latest to the middle of October, opening hours are limited to the weekend.

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