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Gallery on the Cathedral Court
The „Galerie am Domhof“ was opened on the 22nd of December in 1876 as an exhibition hall of Zwickau's Art Association. The building, today in neoclassical style, was partly constructed on the medieval foundation of a grammar school, which was erected on the same place. Parts of the arches are conserved. 

In 1904 an eastward extension was built, where the collection of the Art was exhibited. After the annulment of the association the house was used for various functions, for instance as a museum of natural history. In 1977, the building was opened as the gallery of the town and has been, untll today, the perfect stage for interested parties of the regional art scene. 

Various exhibitions take place because of the support of the “Kunstverein Zwickau e.V.” with its different offers of the support programme for painting and graphic. The associations located here bear a varying offer of events, such as readings, presentations and cabaret. 

Domhof 2
08056 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)375-215687, Fax: -215687 

Business hours: Tuesday – Sunday 13 –18 o’clock 

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