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Castle Osterstein
„Schloss Osterstein“ is the former city castle of Zwickau. In 1292 it was named for the first time as Castrum Czwickaw. During the Great Fire in 1403 it was destroyed, from 1404 till 1407 it was demolished and reconditioned under margrave Wilhelm I. Between 1587 and 1590 the castle was a magnificent renaissance castle from elector Christian I. 

In the 18th century it became a jail, which was used until the end of the Second World War. Famous persons like Karl May and August Bebel were arrested there. Since 2008 it is used as a retirement home. 

You can visit the whole complex and the tower by booking a tour at the tourist information centre. 

Registration: Phone: +49(0)375 - 2713240

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