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Gewandhaus (theatre)
The theatre Plauen – Zwickau 

The theatre Plauen – Zwickau is the fourth biggest theatre of Saxony and one out of two theatres in Saxony which unites 4 categories. Since this season Ronald May has been the general manager of the theatre. The management of the four different categories has changed, as well as all experienced a new artistic focusing. The repertoire is rather multisided, because of the musical theatre, plays, ballet, orchestras and the puppet theatre. Therefor the repertoire offers classical operas, operettas and musicals, a large variety on spectacles on the major stage and on the auxiliary stage, ballet und puppet theatre, as well as open air events of all categories and various types of concerts, like big symphony and church concerts, as well as chamber concerts and mobile concerts of different schools. Of special importance for the theatre are the offers for youths and kids, as well as comprehensive theater pedagogy.

The theatre Plauen – Zwickau give performances on five own venues, as well as other places in both cities and in the cultural area. The major home in Zwickau is the “Gewandhaus” at the central market. The “Gewandhaus” is not an original theatre building; it was built from 1522 till 1525 as guild house of the clothiers. The “theatre in the Gewandhaus” developed in 1823 in the house which was subdivided in the meantime. Until the beginning of the 20th century, this part of the theatre was renovated and rebuilt over and over again because it was inadequate in many respects. After the Second World War, during which the “Gewandhaus” remained undamaged, the “Gewandhaus” was modernized and expanded by various initiatives during the following decades. The “Theatre in the mill” (TIM) was opened at the 7th of October in 1979. It is located in an additional building, the former mill of the town, in the “Gewandhausstraße”. In 1987 the building of the puppet theatre followed. The building was modernised again in the 1990's due to the contamination of asbestos and new technical requirements. After a complex renovation the historical buildings could be reopened in 1997 and offer a modern auditorium as well as the latest stage, light and acoustic engineering.

Theater Plauen-Zwickau GmbH
Gewandhausstraße 7
08056 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)375 - 2741146-47/-48

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