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Johannis church
The Johannis church of Zwickau is one of the smallest and at the same time one of the eldest chapels of the town. During the summer months the church is open to visitors in the afternoon.

In the interior, two epitaphs of the 18th century in the entrance area are worth mentioning, in the nave the colourful pulpit made of wood and the font from the 16th century as well as the Baroque-style panelled ceiling from the 17th century. The statue of Christ made of linden wood on the altar cross probably was created in the East of Saxony or Lower Silesian area around 1700.

The most relevant piece of art is “Anna Selbdritt”, a wooden sculpture created by the Zwickauer carver Peter Breuer around 1500. It is located in the northern aisle. The sculpture depicts the Saint Anna holding both her daughter Maria and her grandson Jesus. In the sculpture's belly area there is a circular deepening, which initially served for keeping a relic.

The evangelist Johannes, editor of the fourth Gospel in the early church tradition Jesus’ favourite disciple is the eponym of the church. The rib vaults of the chancel and vestry trace back to a little chapel of the 13th century. This chapel was extended to a village chapel in the 16th century and was provided with a ridge turret. In the 19th century the church eventually got its present form.
Following the plans by the government building officer Oskar Mothes the master builder Franz Wolf added two aisles, whose galleries are carried by cast-iron double columns.

Protestant-Lutherian Johannis church Zwickau
Crimmitschauer Straße 86
08058 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)375 - 216291

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