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The cornerstone for a branch of industry, which earnt Zwickau within more than one century of development the name as “city of automobiles”, was laid in 1904 with the settlement of A. Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke in Zwickau. 

The museum of August Horch, which is located in the former buildings of the factory of Audi, awakes history and stories on an area of about 3.000m2. It conserves a great history with traditions and grown identity in an imposing manner. The visitor gets a unique impression due to 80 exhibits and a multitude of automobile artefacts.
A filling station of the 1920s and a stand of the 1930s offer great time-referenced backgrounds and scenes for the representative Horch vehicles, the renowned Audi vehicles as well as the well-known Wanderer models, which are linked to the history of Zwickau because of the Car Union. The success of the “silver arrows” in races, which published the name of Zwickau worldwide, is appreciated as well. The DKW compact cars, which have played a relevant part in the broad motorisation of Germany, are presented in a street scenery. 

The fabrication in the first decades shows a transmission factory and an engine test bench. The body construction and the design of this time are displayed impressively. A hotel scenery of the prewar time brings back to life the noble image of Zwickau's vehicles. In the “round cinema” the history is staged in a filmic way. The past can be experienced with a look into August Horch's study and his villa. 

The era after 1945 was initially defined by commercial vehicles and models of the prewar time. At the end of the 1950s they are followed by the epoch of the Trabant, which becomes alive in front of a typical garage. Prototypes and models of cars, which didn't make it to the fabrication in the GDR, testify the continuous power of innovation.

Today's local automotive engineering is documented by the models of VW.

August Horch Museum Zwickau GmbH
Audistraße 7
08058 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)0375 - 27173812

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