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Priest's Houses – library of town history
The Priest's Houses, located at cathedral court 5-8, belong to the oldest residential buildings in Central Germany, and probably in whole Germany. The origin of these valuable historical buildings can be found in the 13th century. 

These buildings were completed in 1466 and have been conserved in this shape until today, this way conveying an impression of the medieval home décor and way of life. This is of use for the municipal history museum, which intends to present a demonstrative view into the past combining the outer ambience with the corresponding exhibition on ways of cooking, living, sleeping, studying, etc. 

In order to provide public accessibility and the usage as a museum, the historical buildings had to be extended. On the one hand this annexe houses the exhibition and on the other hand there are 2 shops and the first restaurant of Zwickau with brewery and distillery on the ground floor. Not only can the visitors taste the various brands of self-made beer, but also the brands of hard liquor from the own distillery. 

Since 2003, the museum has offered the possibility of visiting an architectural example of the medieval building era, as well as the possibility of experiencing the historic outer cover in connenction with appropriate exhibits. Various furniture, interior and showcases deepen the historical reference. The unity of the building and the exhibition complete to a high quality level of information and therefor conveys historical knowledge of the life and the culture history. 

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