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Dr. Schlobig, a famous doctor of Zwickau, built a private bath house and orthopaedic hospital between 1866 and 1869, which was named “Johannisbad Zwickau”.
After his death in 1887 he left the bath house, as well as all liquid funds and the complete mobile inventory to the town under the condition that the bath house had to be conserved and extended. 

The town accepted the heritage. Therefor, the bath house, rebuilt in Art-Nouveau style, could be handed over to the public in February of 1904. For almost 70 years the “Johannisbad” has been the only bath house in Zwickau. In 1991 the constitution was closed because of the desolate general conditions. In 1995 the development association “Rettet das Johannisbad” (save the Johannisbad) was founded. This association pointed at the importance of the conservation of the “Johannisbad” by means of various activities. 

The collective efforts of the city council and the development association in order to conserve the „Johannisbad“ led to the assimilation of the northern part of Zwickau into the European Aid Programme (URBAN). Due to this nothing was in the way of a reconstruction. So the building could be handed over to the public in May 2000 after two years of rehabilitation. 

With its extraordinary architecture in connection with the most modern equipment the „Johannisbad“ offers leisure time activities of a special kind . A historical bath house, which welcomes its guests with a breeze of oriental bath culture, has arisen.
Today the visitors can experience a multifunctional basin of about 170 m2 in the area of the indoor swimming pool. Various depths of the water are possible because of an installed stroke ground. The offer is enriched by installed sputterers, massage jets and a spring with a lindworm as a waterspout. One can find as well a paddling pool and a jacuzzi tub in the area of the indoor swimming pool. 

The sauna facilities, which are generously designed, offer 3 saunas with different temperatures, a steam bath, a warm air bath, a pool in the outdoor area, an ice cube dispenser with a spring, a bar for some drinks, two modern solariums, a relaxation room, as well as a relaxation hall, which is conserved in the original conditions. One attraction of the house is the chamber of snow, where snow falls despite midsummery temperatures.

Johannisbad Betriebs GmbH
Johannisstraße 16
08056 Zwickau
Phone: +49(0)0375 - 272560

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